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The Next Generation of Cyber Tools

The Department of Defense is experimenting with a series of technologies to improve its cybersecurity and to be more effective in cyber operations. For example, both the Army and the Air Force are experimenting with EITaaS. The underlying theory here is that commercial IT companies can increase effectiveness; enhance IT user efficiencies; and establish standardized, innovative IT services. As a result, staff traditionally assigned to general IT responsibilities can be freed up for more specific tasks. It can also improve cybersecurity with players in industry who are focused on specific threats and protecting particular assets.  In addition, the DOD is working closely with the NSA to improve its information assurance program and the services have embarked on a zero-trust mantra for hardware. In this panel, we will discuss the tools, prototypes and strategies the Pentagon is using to keep information safe.

  • Troy Lange, Chief of Encryption Production and Solutions, NSA
  • Moderator: Andrew Eversden, C4ISRNET
  • Mark Schaad, Director of System Architecture, ManTech
  • Moderator: Mike Gruss, Executive Editor, C4ISRNET & Defense News
  • Col. William Waynick, Director, Air Force Cyberworx
  • Moderator: Andrew Eversden, C4ISRNET

Keynote Fireside Chat

  • John Sherman, Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer, Department of Defense
  • Moderator: Mike Gruss, Executive Editor, C4ISRNET & Defense News

Making Cyber Training Work

U.S. Cyber Command’s annual training exercise took place entirely on a new platform this year, a move that will allow most participants to compete remotely. DoD’s cyber warriors have not had a robust environment to train or practice in, creating readiness gaps. But that’s changing in. In this panel we will talk about the TRIDENT and PCTE programs as well as other potential avenues the Department of Defense can use to improve its training before going into cyber operations.

  • Lt. Col. Thomas Monaghan, Program Manager, PCTE
  • Elizabeth Bledsoe, Deputy Program Manager, PCTE
  • Moderator: Mark Pomerleau, C4ISRNET
  • Brett Barraclough, Vice President, Cyber and Information Solutions, Defense Sector, ManTech
  • Moderator: Mike Gruss, Executive Editor, C4ISRNET & Defense News

The Telework Challenge

The coronavirus pandemic means unprecedented numbers of Defense Department employees are working from home. The move has been successful enough that several senior Pentagon leaders have said they expect this to be the new normal and that telework will become a greater part of the workweek. But telework also presents cyber challenges and nation state actors are already targeting government employees who may have lax cyber hygiene. On this panel, we will explore the challenges that come from working at home and how the Pentagon can better protect itself.

  • MG Maria Barrett, Commanding General, NETCOM 
  • Chris Cleary, Chief Information Security Officer, U.S. Navy 
  • Katie Olson, Deputy Director, Defense Digital Service 
  • Moderator: Andrew Eversden, C4ISRNET
  • Joe Klimavicz, Managing Director, Federal Technology Enablement Practice, KPMG
  • Moderator: Mike Gruss, Executive Editor, C4ISRNET & Defense News

The Role of Cybersecurity in Information Warfare

Each of the services are reorganizing their staff when it comes to information warfare. Army Cyber Command wants to become Army Information Warfare Command. But how do cyber operations and cybersecurity factor into these decisions and what kind of changes will it mean for the warfighter?

  • Lt. Gen. Timothy Haugh, Commander, Sixteenth Air Force; Commander, Air Forces Cyber, and Commander, Joint Force Headquarters-Cyber
  • Moderator: Mark Pomerleau, C4ISRNET
  • Nate Fick, General Manager, Elastic
  • Moderator: Mike Gruss, Executive Editor, C4ISRNET & Defense News

The New Norms in the New Normal

In February, nearly a dozen nations, including the United States, attributed a 2019 cyberattack on the country of Georgia to Russia’s military, a move that experts said was the most high-profile example yet of an effort to establish acceptable behavior in cyberspace. That event pointed to an unusually high level of cooperation that demonstrated several nation’s long-held desire to establish acceptable levels of behavior in cyberspace. Experts expect the trend to continue across the globe. On this panel, we will discuss why these norms are necessary, why the U.S. and other countries are following this path and what happens even if their “name and shame” technique fails to work.

  • Mogens Christoffersen, Deputy Head of the Department for Security and Cyber, Danish Ministry of Defense
  • Heli Tiirmaa Klaar, Estonian Ambassador at Large for Cyber Diplomacy
  • Moderator: Mark Pomerleau, C4SIRNET
  • Arlette Hart, Sr. Technologist for Cybersecurity and Master Solution Architect, Leidos
  • Moderator: Mike Gruss, Executive Editor, C4ISRNET & Defense News
  • Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI)
  • Moderator: Mark Pomerleau, C4ISRNET

Oh Say Can You CMMC

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is a Pentagon program that would mitigate several cybersecurity issues that plague the DoD supply chain. Namely, the government would have a mechanism to verify contractors’ cybersecurity claims. The guidance recognizes that security differs from business to business while allowing the government insight into companies’ cyber posture before awarding contracts. What does the Pentagon expect from this program? What kind of obstacles are they running into? How can the DoD ensure this program is a success without bankrupting critical DoD suppliers? And how can the Pentagon ensure its supply chain is safe from backdoors? (Think: Huawei/5g)

  • Katie Arrington, Chief of Information Security for Acquisition, Department of Defense
  • Moderator: Andrew Eversden, C4ISRNET
  • Bill Brennan, Vice President, Cyber Risk Management, Leidos
  • Moderator: Mike Gruss, Executive Editor, C4ISRNET & Defense News

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